My Country Critters Adoption Page                      updated 3/16/16
Sold to happy animal lovers
I just wanted to thank you so much for letting us adopted the
long red hair dapple, now as we know him as Malakai. He
has fit into our family perfect. He had  no problem from day
one fitting in with us and the other dogs. He is such a lover,
he sleeps glued to my side all night. He has been so easy to
potty trained.

Once again thank you so much we love him to death!!!!

Hi, this is Jordan. I bought the young male hedgehog from you a couple weeks ago. I
thought you might be interested in how he's doing. Don't worry, everything is going great! I
named him Bonaparte, and he's so much fun and so lovable. I take him out for at least one
hour each day. He likes to explore my room and sometimes find a hiding spot to take a nap
in. Of course he's always supervised and he's actually getting used to the other animals in
the household. He still likes to huff a bit when I first take him out of his cage, but eventually
settles down and likes to crawl all over me. I take him out in a little picnic basket I found at a
garage sale and we take walks(silly I know, but it's fun). I make sure he gets to play outside
his cage each day. He's eating and drinking normally and seems to be in great shape. It's a
lot of fun with him around, I really do adore him and he's been a fun addition to the family. I
take pictures of him constantly and thought you'd like to see one of him. It's a halloween
picture I took of him with my cat, Yuri, in the background. Hope you enjoy! And thanks again
for Bonaparte!
Proud New
Hedgehog Parent
Sugar Gliders

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Short-Tailed Opossums

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Potbelly Piglets

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Hedge Hogs

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Guinea Pigs
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Southern Flying Squirrels

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It is illegal to sell
hedgehogs to
anyone with a
drivers license in:
Arizona, California,
Hawaii, Maine,
It is illegal to sell
sugargliders to
anyone with a
drivers license in:
Alaska, California,
Please check
your local laws

And Many more not pictured

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The USDA requires
information be taken
for any animal that
enters or exits my
Feeder Mice

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