Sugar Gliders
originally from Australia

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1. Must be 6 wks out of pouch to           
2. Permit is not required to own
3. Considered an exotic animal
4. Small Marsupial
5. Lives approximately 10 years
6. Insect and nectar feeders
7. Will grow to 8 inches in length
8. These are social animals
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General Information: Sugar Gliders are
intelligent, playful and inquisitive. They do
not get flees and do not need shots. They
are marsupials originally from Australia
similar to the flying squirrel. Sugar Gliders
babies are called Joey's and are raised in
the mothers pouch.
Diet: Your Sugar Glider can eat yogurt,
cottage cheese, glider pellets, fruits
(apples, oranges, peaches, bananas,
melons, grapes and mango), vegetables
(corn, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots),
cooked turkey or chicken, nuts and baby
food. Their diet should consist of 50%
fruits and vegetables and 50% protein
(sugar glider pellets).
Water: Your Sugar Glider must have fresh
clean water at all times. Currently they are
using water bottles.
Bonding: Properly handled Sugar Gliders are
not prone to biting however, they may bite if
scared. They love to be in small pouches or
pockets. Handle your Glider daily (morning or
evening is best). Gliders are nocturnal so do
not expose them to bright lights. Same sex pairs
can be kept together.
Toys/Cage: Sugar Gliders enjoy a solid wheel
for running, cat balls to push around, fruit tree
branches and nest pouches. Do not use
aquariums they need to climb and glide so the
taller the better (babies less than 10 weeks old
should not have tall cages).