My Country Critters
The African Pygmie Hedgehog is:
4-9 inches in length
Insectivore - meal worms, crickets
Temperature should be  
60 to 80 degrees F
Solitary animal
Exercise  wheel is recommended & needed
Life span is 4-6 years
has 5000 - 7000 non-barbed quills
cage floors can not be wire
What a
We really enjoy
our little ones.
Healthy Animal
Clean Spines
Clear Eyes
No Bald Patches
Walks Normal
Eats and Drinks Regularly
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These are amazing pets and
need your care!
After bringing your new hedgehog home let them have privacy for the first day. On the 2nd day
start holding them once or twice for about a half hour. Don't worry if they act upset, it will
probably be around a week or longer before they finally begin to feel at home.

Remember to be patient with your new hoglet, some will adapt quicker then others and once
they do you will have a wonderful pet. You can place an old t-shirt that has your scent on it in
his/her cage (hedgies have a great sense of smell). This will allow him/her to get to know your
scent while you are away.

It is common for a hedgehog that encounters a strong new scent to self anoint. This is a quick
foaming at the mouth and then they place it on their quills. So if this happens, don't panic
because they will do it a lot when investigating new things.

Any hoglet will need a lot of sleep the first month after they come home, so don't be concerned
if they sleep a lot. Also they maybe extremely cranky during their third month due to quilling.
Quilling is the equivalent to teething, so they are gonna be in pain. You may find quills in their
cage, they should be removed.

Quilling typically occurs at:
2-3 weeks, 5 weeks, and 8-12 weeks.
Signs of quilling are: irritability, dropped quills, new quills break through the skin.

If your hedgie is itching a lot he/she could have mites. This is common if using wood shavings
for bedding. If your little one gets mites
Revolution is the common method of getting rid of
them. Always check with your vet.
I am not a vet.

Many  hedgehogs get green poop when placed into a new environment. They commonly have
this from being stressed and a new home is a big change in their life. This will pass after a few
days however green poop can also be a warning sign.

Green sticky or slimy stool can mean an irritated GI system or it often indicates an infection. If
this type of poop happens once and appetite and activity is normal, it is probably nothing
serious, especially if there was a recent change in his/her life.

Any time there is
blood in the stool a vet should be seen. Sometimes constipation can cause a
tear in the opening and there will  be a small streak of blood. However a vet should diagnose
the problem before it becomes life threatening.

Diarrhea is always a concern and can be life threatening
very quickly.

Do not introduce a new food to either a baby or an adult
until they are comfortable in their new home for at least a
couple of weeks.

All new foods and treats should be given in a very small
amounts to start.

Only introduce one food at a time.

Black tar like stools are often an indication of internal bleeding and must be checked by a vet

Things found to be deadly: anything containing
Tea Tree oil
Health Issues
Mites or fleas
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